Appleseed, Cheshire OR, May 17th (one day only)

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    Project Appleseed will be hosting a one day event at the Stroda Family Christmas Tree Farm in Cheshire, OR on May 17th. The Stroda family has graciously opened up their property, so we can hold a one day event in western central Oregon. The pricing for a one day will be $40 for adults and $15 for youth under 18 yo.

    This event will cover all of the marksmanship instruction that would be presented in a two day event. There will not be as much opportunity to practice what you have learned.

    Come learn the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship -

    Full NW 2014 schedule:
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    Dang! Would have loved to go to this about a month later but I have too much stuff happening this month!
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    This shoot is coming up this weekend. One day event down in the Eugene area. Also, we have a special offer for youth shooters - we have ammo!

    CCI allowed us to purchase 15k rounds directly from them at distributor pricing specifically for youth shooters. $1.50 per 50 for CCI Blazer HV .22lr. This ammo is available for purchase at the event.
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