Apology to Preppers


Common sense and just a modicum of hindsight would indicate that Uncle Sugar may try to help, but even if it works out it will likely be geared to the lowest common denominator.
Your neighbors are just a few missed meals away from taking your stuff and maybe your life.

So yeah, grabbing a few extra Perriers may be a good idea.
... and a box of Bandaids just in case.


I think it’s great that all these people are collecting resources in their garages... It’ll be nice and packed up and easy to grab. The only thing that’s going to save anybody is the lowest level of training they have. People are insane to think they will make their way out of any urban environment even outlying areas and small towns. First off the traffic is going to stop anybody if something actually happens to the point that people feel they need to leave their home to survive. Second anything more than what you can pack on your back is a ridiculous waste of time and resources. The only people that would ever make it in a situation like that are the people that are already doing it living off the grid In the middle of nowhere living a subsistence lifestyle... And if it’s a military action against this country it’s just a matter of time for those people. Time is probably better spent training to fight instead of training to run. At least you’ll die fighting on your feet.
That thread is growing. We all know how we think/feel/live/act in regard to SHTF, nice to enjoy some other perspectives. While some of them are clueless, some recognize that about themselves and are quite humble and some others have the right idea. Anyway, I posted it FWIW.

The Heretic

I know a few people whose eyes were opened by CV-19 - at least that much good came out of this - especially those that thought the gov. knew what it was doing (and I am not just talking about Orygun/WA state gov., I mean most of the USA states and certainly most people in D.C., especially the POTUS) and especially those who thought they could just run down to the grocery store and pickup whatever they needed whenever they needed it.

This wasn't even a dress rehearsal. This was a poorly written audition and most people failed it miserably, and they are still failing (especially all the arguing about hoaxes and conspiracies, and so on).

Finally, this was a picnic compared to a real SHTF scenario:

1) All of the infrastructure was still working at capacity - until a few problems became apparent with out specialization and JIT manufacturing/processing systems. Supply logistics is mostly at the same or greater capacity than before.

We still have water, electricity, shelter and food (for the most part). Transportation and fuel is still available - indeed, fuel is so accessible that there is too much of it.

Healthcare was the bad part, but even that was a minor issue compared to what would happen. Imagine healthcare if we were at war, or there was an earthquake, or whatever real SHTF scenario took place. A LOT more people would be dying due to health problems.

2) Relatively speaking, while 100K people have died from this pandemic, you could expect in some SHTF scenarios, we could see an order of magnitude or more deaths and dying. That in and of itself would cause all kinds of problems beyond the dead and dying; infrastructure would begin to collapse and we could have a whole house of cards situation coming down around our heads.

3) My favorite boogie man; 'carrying capacity' - i.e., not enough food, water or energy, and too many people. We are already there in many parts of the world, in the USA we are seeing problems, but our natural resources and simple financial wealth is masking the problem; we can import food and other resources from around the world and put it where it's needed because we have so much wealth as a first world nation, we can afford to do that.

So what if milk and/or bread and/or meat and/or potatoes double in price? Most of us can afford that - I spend $200 a month on groceries, and a significant portion of that is 'comfort food' or special items that cost more and that I don't need (not to mention that I am overweight and should eat less) - I could cut that down by 25-50% and still have more than enough nutrition. Beyond that, yes, if my food costs twice as much, I could afford it - even on my current and future fixed income - not to mention I no longer spend $ on fast food/restaurants/prepared meals for lunches at work - all of which rivaled how much I spend on food for home consumption.

But at some point, food will not only become much more expensive, but also more scarce - then the fecal matter will hit the fan and you will see food riots, possibly people trying to take food from farmers/et. al.

The only part of this that approaches a dress rehearsal is the unemployment. We saw a sharp increase, probably the worst we have seen since the Great Depression. But some significant portion of those unemployed know they will go back to work if not real soon, eventually - so that takes a lot of stress off.

OTOH, the Charlie Foxtrot that is the Orygun UI system, shows how easily government is overwhelmed and how badly it is unprepared (not to mention incompetence and laziness - having had the $ to fix the system for a long time and wasting all that time doing nothing, not to mention wasting some significant portion of the federal grant $).

Then there is what I think is a greater percentage of people who will not get their jobs back. Some portion of those people are like me; we will probably never get another job at all, in my case due to my age.

Finally, there is the permanent damage that this has done. The businesses that will never open again. The people who will go bankrupt. The people who will at least be set back by months in a myriad number of ways.

After all that, there are still people who will go back to work and in a year or two go back to the way they were living, week by week, spending $ on non-essential items they buy with credit cards paying 20% interest, only having enough food and water in the house for a couple of days, nothing in their cars if they get stuck somewhere due to a snowstorm or flooding or windstorm - much less an earthquake or volcano.


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Cerberus Training Group
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