Another Wrong Address :\/\/\ Cop goes to wrong address, kills dog in yard

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    And nothing will happen to the cop for killing somebodies dog. Sad. That is one of my pet peaves. I have a pure bread dog that I have spent a lot of money on for the dog itself and the training I have put him through. I basically have spent probably just as much as any trained police dog. So why is it that when a cop shows up at somebodies door and the dog is doing what it is trained to do and protect the house and property. Then a LEO kills said dog and nothing happens to the LEO. But if they send there dog in "to do what is was trained for"' and I shoot that dog. I am in really deep dodo. I have just killed a police officer. The dog does not know it is trained for the police. It is all just a big game to him because he gets a reward when he is done. How can one dog be held to a higher standard over ANY other well trained dog? That to me is a double standard. Just my two cents....Thanx Yes, the dog in my Avitar is the dog I am talking about.
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