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    While driving past our local Cabela's one day, I got to thinking about how much cooler that place would be (as if!) if it had a range in the store. Then my thoughts ran on a bit and I began to imagine refurbishing a greyfield (dying) mall with everything a sporting person would drool over.

    Today NSSF just posted this article
    and I realized the potential was well beyond just a pair of business partnering together.

    Now I can see the clientele for an REI not being fond of gun stores in the same building, but they (and you) will certainly enjoy the competition and ability to browse a wide selection of products in stores that would have a hard time standing alone. Just as you pay more shopping at places like Cabela's and your local mall, you get the same convenience, selection, ability to touch more stuff, and just a relaxing place to hang out. I imagine they'd have to have towel dispensers out in the open and plentiful to clean up the drool...


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