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    I know the title sounds creepy, but it is exactly how I feel.
    One of my buddy's foster kids is all grown up, done with the Marines, and now works for Blackwater. Well, the foster kid came by our work today to show off the new toy Blackwater bought for him: a GA Precision "Rock" Tactical Rifle.

    He pulled his gun bag from the backseat of his rental car and before I he even unzipped the thing I told him, "Whatever is in that bag is gonna make the LCP I just ordered look like a pop gun." Don't call me a psychic, but I was right.

    The gun was topped with a very nice piece of Leupold glass (I don't know what, I was too busy drooling and chanting "lemme touch it, lemme touch it"). He was nice enough to let me sight it and pull the trigger (empty chamber). A lot of people like to describe nice triggers as "breaking like glass." This trigger was WAY better than that. The trigger weight must have been +/- 1lb. He kept saying, "you can just wish away the bullet."

    The way I figure it, he works for Blackwater, Uncle Sam pays Blackwater, I pay Uncle Sam, so a molecule of the paint on that gun is mine.

    Yeah, and he gets to keep the gun.

    Anyways, here is a link:
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    Nice rifle with really big price tag. Early 60s USMC, a Winnie Mod. 70 with
    what ever scope was available in 30-06. Rifle was maybe $150, with no
    clue what Uncle Sugar paid for various scopes. Redfield was my choice,
    as the Lyman tender care needed to keep it running. It also hated wet!!!!

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