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    I am having an alarm installed in my Washington County home (saves money on cable)

    What is meant by this section of the application?

    "Protective Sweep Authorization
    A protective sweep is a visual inspection of a home or business by law enforcement personnel when a responsible person is
    not immediately available to give or refuse consent for the officer to enter. You may change your decision at any time by
    completing a new form.
    - Selection of one below is mandatory -
    I DO give consent for law enforcement to conduct protective sweeps when responding to alarm events at my premise.
    I DO NOT give consent for protective sweeps. I understand that without additional details of a crime in progress, my alarm
    may be classified for a lower priority response by law enforcement.

    Would giving consent mean they would attempt to hop my fense (which has a locked gate) to search the back yard, when I was not at home, and they got an alarm?


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