I understand that people like what they like, and I'm fine with that, but I've never seen the attraction of an AK Pistol. I love AK's, but an underfolder is just a few inches longer when folded than the pistol (Like the Draco) and has so many advantages that I just don't get it:

It can be fired folded or extended, has more Velocity, better accuracy, especially with the stock extended, uses a standard AK gas system and standard AK parts.

The Draco is sometimes a bit cheaper, but usually less than $50 less than the underfolder.

Can anyone explain what I'm missing?
First off, I will say that I agree with you. I am very much an AK fan and think an underfolder (or a sidefolder for that matter) is a FAR better, more practical firearm than an AK pistol. An AK pistol seems like an odd hybrid between a pistol a rifle that's not really very good in the role a pistol, and not very good in the role of a rifle. At times I've wanted one just for the novelty aspect, basically to have it as a range toy, but decided against getting one.

The one thing I have heard in regards to people rationalizing owning the AK pistol is using them as "truck guns." From what I've heard (and I dunno for 100% certain that it's accurate), having a concealed handgun license, does not allow one to carry a loaded concealed long gun in one's car. That is, it would be legally questionable to have a loaded AK underfolder hidden in your car. The AK pistol on the other hand, being legally a handgun would be a-ok. Why would someone want an AK pistol as a truck gun, as opposed to a more typical handgun? Probably firepower. I dunno of too many conventional handguns that can match 30 or 40 rounds of 7.62x39.

The other thing is, some people take the steps to make them into an SBR.
the thing for me is, I live in Wa (no-SBS) I can have a 16" AK or an AK pistol, I like how small the AK pistols can be, Were talking 16.5" for the whole AK pistol! and it IS a pistol, You can carry it loaded in your car or even conseal it in a jacket!! Its a VERY Compact package for a Rifle round with 30rd mags or 90rd drums!!

To aim it, instead of pushing it to your sholder, you pull it away and put tension on your sling. I dident like the thought of them at first, but then after building one, I cought the bug!!!

It would make the perfect Bail Out Gun in a SHTF type situation involving leaving the city for the hills in your truck. You can have Assualt Rifle firepower and If you hit a state patrol checkpoint and get searched, you'll still be legal!

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