A Double Tap .44 Special Kind of Day!

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    I've been itching to shoot my Minty .44 Special for a few weeks now, and see how the DT ammo
    does through it.

    Planning on a quick trip up the Snake River, we took our G. Loomis fishing gear with us as well.

    Sadly, our fishing spots were tent cities upon arrival.

    Finding that our usual place to shoot was deserted, we unpacked and set up for some fun.

    I'd loaded up some DT 200 gr. 44 Special loads, and some older 240 grain reloads.

    The Enemy:
    Evil jugs approx 12 yards out.

    The first round was a Glaser Safety slug fired into a SUN soap jug.

    This being nearly full of water, the Glaser hit with a real boom and some
    brisk recoil on my end, impacting the jug and spraying water as it launched
    the tightly screwed down lid into the air!

    The jug then fell forward and leaked all over..

    He didn't make it:(

    Pretty impressive performance in my book, really!

    I then switched over the the Double Tap 200 grain TAC-XP load.
    This is the BARNES X bullet that's 100% solid copper.
    I fired three round into another soap jug, but the rounds seemed
    to upset the water a bit but mostly wanted to punch on through..
    leaving nice .44 calibers holes along the way.

    Recoil with the TAC-XP JHPs was lighter than the Glaser, but still
    more than say a 158 gr. 38 special load.

    More of a thump to my hand than a smaller framed .38 Special smacking
    my palm.

    I didn't notice any muzzle blast or flash like a .357 SIG, but as expected, was quite loud.

    Also, that I shot a bit low with this load.

    Next up was the 200 grain Bonded Defense in .44 Special that utilizes the
    Speer Gold Dot JHP.

    Recoil was seemingly more brisk than the Barnes Tac-XP, but nothing uncontrollable
    on my end.
    No muzzle blast or flash detected, but again.. quite the boomer!

    Like with the TAC-XPs, I found myself shooting low on the first round,
    but hitting good with the follow up shots.

    I ended the .44 Special session with some older reloads that shot nearly as hard.

    These were the 240 grain cast SWC bevel based loads from Oregon Trail.

    After a cylinder full of this load I found that they shot to point of aim
    better than the 200s, not doubt as the Charters, and most .44 Special
    leave the factory(s) intended for 240 grain loads.

    Extraction was OK for the first cylinder, as the big 240s left .44 caliber
    holes in the remaining jugs except for one.

    These were a bit smoky to fire and I found some evidence of unburnt
    powder as well.

    This looked to be Unique, and Unique matched my load book from 1998 for those

    If I recall, the OT 240s were for my Model 624 with the 6 inch barrel.

    Still, these provided for a good plinking load.
    By the end of second cylinder being fired, the extraction became a bit sticky.

    The revolver was pretty hot by then but not hot enough to create blisters.

    A combo of the reloaded cases and the hot gun probably caused the
    extraction issue.

    No such problem with the DT loads, but I'll not be shooting many of them either.

    By then the Enemy was nearly defeated, and leaking fluids into the earth.
    I had one smaller jug left, so the CZ 2075 RAMI in 9mm came into play.

    My load was the Double Tap +P 147 grain Winchester JHP.

    Like the DT 147 gr. Gold Dots..

    This shoots harder than most any 147 gr. that you might encounter.

    A very quick and smooth draw from my new HIGH NOON IWB holster got the
    9mm shooting started.

    Recoil was more than other 115 and 124 gr. +P loads, but very pleasing as I ventilated the jug with a couple on magazines
    full of DT goodness.
    Some muzzle flash and blast, but nothing like a .357 SIG.

    It was then getting late, and like the OMEGA MAN, I wanted to get home
    before dark.

    We , policed our brass, cleaned up our trash, then headed for home!

    I was able to take a few snapshots of the local wildlife but wished I had
    a more powerful zoom lense on my Nikon.
    A couple videos of me shooting the DT .44s
    Our first attempt at a shooting video:)

    200 gr. TAC-XP: DOUBLE TAP 200 Gr. TAC-XP .44 SPECIAL 9/29/12 - YouTube

    200 gr.Bonded Defense: DOUBLE TAP .44 SPECIAL 200 gr. Bonded Defense - YouTube

    More information on products:

    200 gr.TAC-XP:

    DoubleTap Ammunition
    DoubleTap Ammunition

    200 gr. Bonded Defense: DoubleTap Ammunition

    DT 147 gr. Winchester +P :

    DoubleTap Ammunition


    Pictures by czrami - Photobucket

    Tail Gunner W/Straps

    Thanks for looking!


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