A Couple Remington & Savage Barrels

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    Have some barrels from donor rifles.
    #1 Rem 7mm Mag. Looks to have been hunted with, but not abused. Gloss finish with some bluing wear, some scratches. Tapped for sights. $40
    #2 Rem 7mm Mag. Judging from the rest of the rifle, shot very little. Matte finish, looks almost new. Front sight still attached. $50
    #3 Savage 270. Shot very little. I can vouch for the accuracy on this one. Gloss finish, no provision for sights. $30 SOLD
    #4 Savage 270. Definitely been in the woods a few times. Some bluing wear, good overall shape. Has provisions for sights. $25

    I'm in Yelm

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