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Got about 100 of these I'm willing to part with. These are original Russian/Soviet 150Gr T-46 Tracer boolits off of 7.62x54R rounds. The rounds were in a less than useful condition, but the bullets were still good.
The rounds were painstakingly removed without a hammer puller or plyers, and dremel-polished clean, no tumbler, to protect thier integrity. No garuantees if they do light, but most tracers are like that anyway.
(I can add a nice emerald green tip to them if you ask nicely. No sharpie)

They would also fit most 308 calibers without much problem.

$50.00 OBO for the 100. Might consider selling them off in 20 round groups for $10.00.

Well, mainly looking for cash, but some API or Incendiary rounds/boolits would be nice, or a set of 54R reloading dies.

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