7.62x25 TOK surplus ammo for a 22lr or other firearms

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by irierider, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Looking for a trade or partial trade for a firearm. have up to 1k in ammo I want to trade (DONT ASK FOR A PRICE) if you want to make an offer PM dont ask seriously what I want to sell for.
    Id like ideally a 10/22 (target barrel preferred) MKII or MKIII in heavy barrel ONLY or a pack lite Ruger MKIII

    Ill also look at any modern firearm
    This has dried up, I am trading up to 1k rounds, these go for atleast 30-45c per round pre panic sadly this has disappeared with my hopes of getting a ppsh type rifle!
    any how, shoot me some offers for trades, and if you want to try cash, but i prefer trades..
    other options
    AR mags, magpul or magpul follower steels.. tan follower steels, or brownell mags
    AK mags 47/74 surplus only
    I dig random gun related items, and i dont have many diverse items so i might just say yes!
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