So, I've been on something of a lever-action kick this year, though the focus has shifted to an MG (based upon various discussions). That said, the idea of a lever-action in something .50-caliber, keeps bubbling to the surface. I know there were rifles in said back in the day, such as the 1886 in .50-110. And I vaguely recall custom and semi-custom rigs back in the 2000s in something in the fifty department. Considering light, handy carbines in .44 Magnum and .454 Casull can be had, I can't think of any mechanical reason why this couldn't be done.

So, what is currently available in something .50-caliber (e.g., .50AE, .500 S&W Magnum, .50 Alaskan, et al.) circa 2019?

Your getting close to my bucket list:
Marlin 1895 .45-70
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You'll love the .45/70. I had a dance with said years back and have no regrets. I sold off that rifle when we started producing potato-heads and I realize how curtailed time would be. But, damn, it is a solid thumper of a cartridge. One of these days I will return or, more likely, I'll have to turn it up to something .50. :s0112:

Ah, yes, I forgot about this thread.

Very nice. Pricey, to put it mildly, but very nice.


For that much money you can just load heavy loads for your 45/70 lever to beat you up or buy a single shot bolt .50 BMG
I agree it's expensive, even with no options, but I'll bet it's a work of art.

I used to load and shoot both .500 S&W and 45-70 a bunch. If the gun's capable, you can match what the .500 can do with the 45-70, except make that 1/2" hole.


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