WTS OR 50 BMG Brass, Bullets, Dies

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    - Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set for 50 BMG.
    Retails at Midway for $284.

    - RCBS Ammomaster Single Stage Conversion Kit.
    Retails at Midway for $154

    - I also have the shell holder, the brand of which I am not sure. I think it is RCBS because it fits into my RCBS Bigmax reloading press. Retails at Midway for $27.

    - 50 pieces of virgin IWI 50 BMG brass from 2001, annealed, with a nato headstamp. I estimate it would retail for at least $100.

    - Lastly I have 19 Hornady AMax 750 gr UHC bullets. Retails at Midway for $44 (with all 20 bullets).

    The total Value of this package is over $700. Everything listed is new and has never been used. Selling for $500.

    I am willing to split up the package. Feel free to make me an offer on individual items.
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