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**Priced to move**
Clearing out some .40 S&W ammuntion.
FTF sale in Bellevue, WA area. $250 for the lot, or priced individually.

  • Federal HST 180gr. 1 box of 50rds $20.00 ($.40 CPR)
  • Gold DOT 180gr. 4 boxes of 50rds. $80.00 ($.40 CPR)
  • Blazzer FMJ 180gr. 1 box of 50rds. $12.50 ($.25 CPR)
  • Winchester White Box FMJ 165gr. 5 boxes of 100rds. $125.00 ($.25 CPR)
  • BVAC Factory Reload FMJ 165gr. 165 rounds loose. $33.00 ($.20 CPR)

I am open to trades for 9mm, .380, or .38spl as well.
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