A 2' x 4' CNC machine built with business use in mind. I built this CNC personally with professional parts for a business but have decided to go another way. The machine features the following components.

CNCRouterParts 4'x2' CNC router frame kit.
3KW (HP) air cooled spindle & VFD
425oz/in NEMA 23 motors @ 2.5A / dual-drive Y axis (4 motors total)
15A power supply
19" touchscreen monitor.
Gecko G540 driver board with Ethernet smooth stepper.
Computer with licensed copy of Mach 3 installed.
Custom rolling frame
Accessories (E-stop, bumpers, wire tracks, power supply cables)

Will come with custom power supply cables. this machine requires at least 1 120v 20A circuit (or 2 15A circuits) and a 220v power supply, its heavy duty and requires a good amount of power to run. You cannot build this machine for cheaper (I know, I built it). The machine is working well and can be demoed prior to purchasing. The only thing it needs is the wire tracks installed and a new bed, however a temporary piece can be installed for testing.

This machine is turn key and powerful enough to do steel & aluminum with ease; has less than 2 hours of use on it.

For some reason i cannot upload photos, PM me and i will get some to you.

Price is $6500, which is just the cost of parts for this thing, not including the 2 months time it took me to build it.

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