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I found some various .38 special laying around, and I dont have a .38 anymore, so this all needs to go!

These are all reloads on once fired nickle and brass cases.

Included is;

Approx 120rds with nickle cases loaded with 125gr gold dot HP bullets
Approx 100rds nickle 158gr jacketed round nose
Approx 200rds nickle 125 lead RN
Approx 100rds nickle 158gr lead SWC
Approx 80rds brass 158gr jacketed round nose
Approx 100rds brass 158gr lead SWC

All these loads shoot great and make great practice ammo!

So there are around 700rds here; $120 takes it all

View attachment 197782

View attachment 197783

View attachment 196960

View attachment 196961
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