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Not sure of the exact numbers, but looking to get rid of some ammo. About 200 rounds of .357 Mag with Nozzler Hollow Point Projectiles and about 1500 rounds of .38 Special. All projectiles are Lead Round Nose. All of the rounds are in either factory ammo boxes or plastic cases.
Why are they free? A while back an older friend of mine did me a huge favor and reloaded a bunch of ammo for me, but:
-The .357 Mag rounds were not resized after the projectiles were installed, so the casings are too large to fit into a chamber.
-On both sets of rounds there is a primer issue, some of them were not seated all the way.
-On 2 of the 200 .38 Special rounds I have fired, the powder load was doubled, luckily I was shooting my .357 Mag Rossi rifle.
-I don't know if he did it for these rounds, but he talked about mixing oatmeal in with the gun powder so that he could put less powder in for plinking ammo at the range.
Essentially, it would likely be best if the rounds were stripped and refilled and the primers double checked. Some of the brass was mine, single use, some of it was bought from gun stores 15 years ago, so not sure on that. Just looking to rehome these rounds so they can fulfill there destiny and be of some use. I live in Kent, willing to do some travel to deliver them.
This weekend I'll do an exact count and get some pictures to post.

Thank you for all the replies.
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