30Cal Luger for trade

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Bill Siegle, Oct 30, 2009.

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    ***GONE***OK 1st off a little disclaimer: I know little about Lugers and make no promises about this one. What I was told is it is a commercial Luger that has been reblued and has new grips. There are two mags:1 original with dark wood bottom and 1 Mecgar.I have had a mild obsession with "modern" military pistols and wanted to shoot as many models as I can. I traded into this one and got a couple boxes of ammo for it. Ran the ammo through it and and got the thrill of shooting a real Luger. I dought I will restock up on more ammo so I figured I would move it along to get another new range toy :) I do not have a cash price as I am looking to trade. If you goota try buying it, make me a fair offer and we'll see. What am I looking for? Don't know for sure but I like HKs in 9mm. Got enough Glocks and Ruger revolvers though. PM or Email offers WITH PICS. No pic=no interest. It simply speeds up the negotiating process so don't be lazy. I am in the Clackamas OR area and want to do a FTF in this area.
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