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    I spent almost $500 on ammo for my PTR91, only to find out that it doesn't cycle in my gun because of a tar sealant used on this ammo or something. (I didn't know this till I emailed PTR when my gun became an expensive single shot and they replied saying how basically the only ammo they recommend in their rifles is winchester/federal/remington commercial ammo. Nice to find that out afterwards).

    This is regarded as good ammo, just not if you have a PTR or any other semi-auto with a tight chamber that might be gummed up by the sealant stuff.

    It's in sealed 140 round battle packs. I have 6 unopened packs

    non corrosive

    I paid $77.99 plus shipping per pack when I bought mine from surplusammo.com. They're now charging $79.99 a pack plus shipping. There was some at the portland gun show for sale yesterday, but I didn't check what they were charging.

    I want $75 a pack, or trade for a similar amount of 150gr factory ammo (fmj or SP) from winchester, remington, or federal

    I realize commercial ammo is a little more expensive than this surplus ammo is, so I would be willing to trade my ammo and some cash to make up the price difference between them.

    might also trade for a gun

    local sale/trade only

    I'm in the roseburg area

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