WTS/WTT WA 3 M&P Pistols in 9mm

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    I have 3 M&P pistols in 9mm I'd like to sell or trade.

    Trades I'm looking for are:
    1) An AK-74 (Preferably not a century build)
    2) A Walther PPQM2 (With push button mag release not paddle style)

    Cash, mags, 9mm, .22 ammo can be added to even out any trade.

    M&P 1) Stock M&P9. Fired a handful of times to check functionality. Comes with Factory manual and tupperware. Will come with 2 Med. Backstraps (The others were lost in a bet with a friend (3 shots in the black @25 yards while holding his 1911 sideways.)), and 2 mags. Barrel was polished to give a two-tone look. Gun is un-broken in as evidenced from factory gritty trigger which disappears with wear. Considering it's missing backstraps @ $5 a piece. $490


    M&P 2) M&P9 with pro-series trigger from factory (special ordered, which is why it doesn't have a "pro-series" billboard on the slide). Comes with everything from the factory; 2 magazines and bright factory nightsights. Will come with a Med. and Small backstrap (The other was lost in a bet with a friend (Same bet as above)). Gun is unfired save from the factory. Considering it's missing a backstrap @ $5 a piece. $570 This one will require a simple pistol transfer form for my records.


    M&P 3) M&P9 with threaded barrel, DPM recoil reduction spring and professionally installed APEX tactical Forward Set Sear and trigger. Comes with everything from the factory; and an additional mag for a total of 3 magazines. (Will come with all backstraps). Gun has seen a couple hundred rounds and is in 98% condition. Trigger was installed by Fred @ CaR. With professionally installed trigger it truly does have as close to a 1911 style trigger you can have on a striker fired pistol. Original trigger and recoil rod/spring come with the gun as well. Price breakdown: Gun $500, APEX tactical trigger $150, DPM Recoil reduction spring $80, Extra mag $25. Fred's labor $60. Looking for $725 on this.

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