2nd Annual NWFA Day @ Threat Dynamics Tualatin

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    It’s Back! & Better than Ever!

    Threat Dynamics Welcomes you to our 2nd Annual NWFA.com day. MAY 29th

    If you missed us last year then here is your chance to come check out what all of the buzz is about at our New Tualatin Training Center.

    If you haven’t heard about us yet check out our web site: Home

    The event will consist of a shooting competition with prizes for the top shots, and a raffle.

    The competition will consist of:

    *Basic Pistol Marksmanship Range.
    *Tactical Range.
    *Close Quarters Speed Range (From the holster, so if you have a Glock17 holster bring it).
    *Speed Round Challenge- on the 300 Degree system (Shoot 15 targets all the way around you as fast as you can). Check it out on YouTube- YouTube - Threat Dynamics Demo Speed Challenge

    Demos of our Scenarios will be shown at the event as well.

    For kids under 14 we have a Duck Hunt Range and a prize as well.

    When: May 29th

    Time: 1pm to 4pm

    Cost: $5 per person (Children under 14 are free)

    Tualatin Training Center
    8250 SW Tonka Rd.
    Tualatin, OR 97062 Map (Next to Bushwhackers and Pizza Hut)

    RSVP @ ThreatDynamcis@gmail.com Subject: RSVP

    Phone: 503-692-2992

    See you there!

    -Ryan Tuttle
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    Sounds like fun, Thanks Ryan.
  3. t.huynh

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    Is there going to be another bbq this year?

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    Thanks again for doing this Ryan, I'm really looking forward to it!

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