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Hello folks, I pursued this AMT project however now that my old lady and I are getting hitched I need to come up with some cash, so this and a few other soon to be posted firearms are on the chopping block.

while I do need cash, I have added a few trades I'm after

Item details:
Purchased this from a member here about 1-2 years ago, safety was broken and was replaced/repaired with a Jacks First Inc safety, spring and detent ball. Safety is VERY tight but is installed. My guess would be it needs a few thousandths taken off and it'll work perfectly to engage and disengage. That being said, it's in the off position and the pistol works beautifully. It's only an issue if you're OCD and flip the safety on and off like it's going out of style.

Works with lower velocity ammo VERY well, but higher pressure rounds get stuck in the chamber, this is actually part of the design of the AMT auto mags. The chamber has little dimples that slow the case extraction down. So high pressure rounds expand the case to where it gets stuck, again, an unavoidable part of this type of chamber. Working with 1800-1890 velocities seems to be the trick. And yes, it DOES cycle with its preferred rounds.

Comes with:
*x3 brand new AMT aftermarket mags that work and fit beautifully.
*x1 factory mag the the original owner had smoothed the heel down, but it's a bit off. So I simply use the new ones.
*Aimtech grip scope mount
(installed, but can be dismounted)
*Factory grips
*Large pistol box
3 full boxes of Federal 1880 velocity ammo
1-2 partial boxes (CCI and Federal)
x1 new recoil spring
x1-2 safety detent spring replacements
x1-2 safety detent barring (very small)

If you are just getting into AMT pistols, you must realize they are finicky beasts but can be tuned to run. Got it near centered with the pistol scope at 7 yards. Most AMT firearms need to have their owner experiment with ammo, mags and various parts to get them running. Luckily I've found the correct ammo and have replaced parts to where this pistol runs fine.

Seeking $500 cash for everything
Buyer pays BGC.

*Taurus 4 inch barrel 357 (specifically 357)
Preferably stainless

*PSA compact Dagger (black)

*XDM elite 4.5" full sized 9mm (black)

*XDS 9mm (black)

*7.62x39 FMJ ammo

Ammo is only included for local sales in OR, if a WA resident meets at an FFL in Vancouver then I can hand over the ammo as well.
I'm located in Hillsboro/Forest Grove and prefer to meet at "a cut above pawn".

I can provide better pictures here soon. But these are some from the range.

IMG_1069.jpeg IMG_1068.jpeg IMG_1072.jpeg
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