200 Round Battle Pack of Port 7.62x51 for 1 Aussie/ADI 160 Round Carton Blister Packs

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    Friend of mine hooked me up with 1 each. The Portugese 7.62x51 is in a sealed battle pack, no termite holes, nothing to indicate any concerns. Marked FNM 78-13. These are 200 rounds per battle pack.
    I would prefer to trade for 1 Cardboard Carton of the Australian/ADI 7.62x51 NATO, 160 rounds in Blister Packs in good condition. Would consider the German DAG in similar quantities. I will not counter-trade ADI for Port.

    I will consider selling the Port battlepack for 200$, but that's a buck a roar which is more than you want to pay but is appropriate for current market insanity. (don't hate the player, hate the game)

    FTF Meeting in Redmond/Bellevue/Issaquah/North Bend or similar only after the 25th (Merry Christmas everyone!)

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