2 Kowa cameras, 4 lenses SPF

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    The black one to the back is a Kowa Supper 66, the silver one to the front is a Kowa/SIX. They both worked when I put them away about 8 years ago (I upgraded to a Rollie) the view finder on the silver one is broken, you can see the tape I used to hold it up. These are 40 +/- years old, and show use, but no real abuse. lenses are:
    1 - black f2.8 85mm
    1 - silver f2.8 85mm
    1 black f3.5 150mm
    1 - silver f3.5 55mm
    Both cameras take 120 or 220 interchangeably.
    These would make a great "there really obscure" Seasonal Celebration of your choice gift.
    $250.00 for everything.

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