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WTS/WTT WA 1st. Gen Benjamin Marauder .25

Since my focus has shifted back to firearms, have decided keeping a PCP charged is just too much hassle, so this is up for sale or trade.

So, as stated, it's a 1st. Gen Marauder with the Green Mountain .25 cal barrel. Nice and accurate, currently tuned for around 40 FPE. Depending on your velocity tolerance, that gives anywhere from 2 to 4 mags per charge, as I used it for dispatching garden pests, I stuck to 2 mags per fill.

I have done some mods to it over the years, it has a Gen 2 valve in, that gives better consistency at the cost of max power. I also replaced the hammer, the original was such a loose, sloppy fit that it would bind when cocking. Turned one out of some 416 stainless steel, has been problem free ever since.

I messed up the original stock on one side trying to turn the pressed checkering into cut, still functions fine, but looks bad. It also has a crack at the wrist, been there since I got it and has never been an issue.

Will include 3 mags, one brand new, as well as a variety of parts. Will also include a Boyd's Pro Varmint stock inletted for this rifle. It's a very nice stock, but it really needs a cheek riser to work with the Marauder. In that vein, I bought a 12" square piece of 1/8" Kydex to make one, but never got around to it. Will include that as well. Also have 5 or 6 full tins of Benjamin pellets, plus a partial. These are its second favorite pellet, the JSB Kings are better, but more expensive and not as readily available, so I have the Benjamins. I also have several scopes on hand, so if you need one, I'm sure we can work something out. Might have some other odds and ends to go with it, too, but I'll have to do some digging.

Package price is $550, I'll split actual shipping cost, payment via PayPal or USPS MO. Not interested in breaking up package at this time, but might change my mind if that helps move it. Nothing particular in mind for trade, but as long as it's gun related, run it on by me, worst I'll say is no. Now let's see if I can find some pics...





My bad, I messed up the checkering on BOTH sides, so it's pretty much the same on both sides. Same goes for the wrist crack, looks about the same on either side. The blue tape on the Boyd's stock is just to hold the stock screw in place, the factory stock uses a different length screw. Will email specific detail pics on request.

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