1976 XL250 Cany Saphire Blue w/ Title low miles

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    I just got the title from California after about a year of going back and forth through the mail. Some things you will want to know up front: The side covers are missing and they are not easy to find. The horn currently doesn't work, but it can if someone knows there 6v motorcycle systems better than I do. Low beam burnt out on headlight so only high beam works (a replacement head light unit is roughly $70 +/-). The ignition works, but I have no key, so a flat head screw driver or another key works fine. So, about the bike.

    I got the bike in March of 2009. It had been sitting (covered) on some guys farm for many years. I took it home, cleaned the carbs out, bought a new battery, changed spark plugs, put new oil in it, and she fired right up. Next day I broke the kick start lever. I bought a new factory lever, installed it, and it works great. After this I was determined to make it street legal with lighting. I bought all new bulbs through Beaverton Honda off of 217 and installed those too. The 6v system is fairly weak so the lights can sometimes be stubborn. I took the bike to Xtreme Cycle in Newberg and they put new fork seals on as well as a new chain. I have taken the bike up and down my street, but I wanted to see how it did going a little faster. I took it too my parents property and got the bike up to 40mph no problem in third gear and tested the other gears too. They all worked fine. She can be a little cold to start as it is kick start only, but when she is running she runs great.

    I would be interested in full or part trade for firearms. I am also in need of a good 18" chainsaw. Thanks for looking. I have many pics available so please call, text, or email. Open to all offers on this beauty.


    PS I'm trying to get pics up but my camera and my computer don't like each other right now :paranoid:

    I have extra parts as well.
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