1942 Inland Carbine Paratrooper - M1A1

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    I have a 1942 Inland M1 Carbine with correct M1A1 "IO" Inland/Overton folding stock. This is in the proper serial number range and is not an re-import. It came from an estate in Georgia from an ex-paratrooper. I have not personally fired it. It appears to have gone through an arsenal for R&R. It has Type 3 sights, Bayonet lug and flip safety. The stock has a couple of repairs, the leather is supple and in nice condition. The lock up on the stock is the tightest on any M1A1 I've ever had. It has been converted from high wood to low wood and there is no M2 cut. The grip is not original to the stock but is period correct from Springfield Armory and is stamped SA on the bottom. It comes with sling, oiler and 2 USGI magazines and a very rare mint, un-issued leather handled bayonet still in wrap. I am asking $2699 but would consider a partial trade. It pains me to sell this and am only selling to help pay hospital bills. Items I am interested in partial trades for are: US Property 1911, Desert Eagle, Colt Python, milled receiver AK or possibly a black rifle. I am located in Longview, WA.

    Washington sales face to face with valid ID. Oregon Sales to those willing to do a transfer at an FFL in Rainier, OR.

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