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I'm putting a feeler out there for my beautiful pre-war K98k. It's a 1937 manufactured i block S/147 (J.P. Sauer & Sohn). No import marks or duffle cut. The rifle is 100% matching down to the smallest screw, meaning it's EXACTLY as it was the day it came out of the factory. It's beautifully rust blued all the way around. The only drawback is some minor sanding on the lower edge of the stock. The cartouches remain intact otherwise. The stock itself is a beautiful piece of walnut with some nice tiger striping.

I'm only selling as I recently purchased one of my grail K98k's, a matching walnut stock byf 42. As much as I love this example, it doesn't fit in my Mauser Oberndorf collection.

Cash is STRONGLY preferred as I'm looking to immediately procure another K98k, but I would entertain trades for the following (+/- cash on either end): HK Mark 23, HK P7M13, Colt Python 6", CSA vz61, a matching Lugar P08, WWII era FN Hi Power.

I can't meet FTF at any FFL within a 50 mile radius of Portland. The rifle with include a nice wartime sling (not pictured). Buyer pays transfer fees.

If you have any questions or need any extra photos, please let me know.

5DFD34D2-0522-4305-92BB-2DC2730F3898.jpeg 8DBF7604-38AB-49B4-85B4-90E52C1D8090.jpeg 8F3B5CF9-C04E-4246-8555-81A915455641.jpeg 16AC5D68-9CAC-453F-903F-3386F0D39AD1.jpg 25C747B6-C3F4-4A14-986E-9ABB7CA460B2.jpeg 8099CDEC-149C-4CFB-A883-DDB91CC6E18E.jpeg 74376D88-B4A0-4795-818E-BE96CEB4BC11.jpeg 422505C1-30E2-4925-8BAC-1EFF7140C1AE.jpeg 478112FE-DB20-4231-A051-26795357ACAF.jpg B7F5616B-4DD9-4C70-A807-44E1B26CB247.jpeg C82DBF1B-E9D8-43A4-9739-3BC210DF5215.jpeg D93D144B-C1EA-41FB-B690-F5C0F228BA63.jpeg D488204B-FA75-4E1B-B75F-962BBE229C37.jpeg DAF5EFD8-3BF7-4A6A-B0E7-A7598D220AF5.jpeg E12357E9-B705-4B3A-851E-EBA40BDF88F1.jpeg F8D005FB-7BC1-4924-A92A-6B579EBB05C1.jpg F7733BE7-0479-41A3-A1EF-E9573A64C491.jpeg
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