1922 Winchester Model 12 20ga. (SOLD)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bmw2, Oct 10, 2010.

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    Unfortunately, someone cut this fine shotgun down at some point in it's life. I picked it up because I like the 20ga and it just sort of called out to me but since then it has just sat in my safe. Barrel is 18 1/4 inches and the gun is pretty light and handles well. Another neat feature is these are take down guns so it's nice and compact for transport. Finish is not that great, there's not a whole lot of the bluing left(it is almost 90yrs. old after all) but it seems to be in great shape mechanically. I have almost three boxes of 7 1/2's that can go with it.

    I'd like to get $275 but it's OBO. I am interested in a few trades and I also have a S&W 39 for sale in the handgun section if anyone wants a package deal. Must have Wa. DL and CPL.

    Upon a close inspection of the stock, it's cracked right behind the tang on the underside. It's small, I didn't even notice it till I looked close. So, I'm going to drop the price down to $200.

    Com Bloc handguns, especially in 9x18
    .357 S&W revolver or Ruger GP 100 w/adjustable sights
    6in. barrel .22 revolver, no single actions except Rugers
    Lever actions, would really like to find a .22 or any older Marlins, especially an 1893
    Flat top AR upper
    7.62x39 ammo
    18in barrel for a Remington 1100, no chopped barrels
    Mag extension for Remington 1100
    Horizontal holster for a Glock 20/21
    Or? Please no milsurps.
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