1911 Mainspring Housing

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    Is this a drop in part, or is gunsmith or armoror needed ? I want to get rid of the serrated one with the internal lock on my Springfield Champion and replace it with a non-lock stainless version with checkering. And on that note, are all brands offered pretty much the same? Prices seem to be close to the same for most brands. Or what would be your brand of preference to add to this Springfield?
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    Most all are drop in, but have had a few where the housing pin didn't line up with the frame.

    Depending on what you want...SS vs blued, or arched vs flat, checkered vs snakeskin vs chain link vs serrated, there's lots of choices.

    Springfield doesn't send out their 1911's with a captured main spring, so there should be a little bent pin that came with the gun to help with the take down.

    Also with the ILS, the main spring is proprietary..it won't work with anything but the the cap piece that came with it. So if you want to switch the guts to standard parts, order a 23lb main spring, cap, and cap pin. The cap pin will keep everything in place as it should, and will make installing much easier.

    Springfield's come with a 28lb main spring, it helps ensure the gun fires with the Ti firing pin...which in turn helps pass the CA. drop test. But on the down side, the 28lb main spring makes for a lousy trigger pull.

    If you're not sure what you're doing, you're welcome to come up and I'll walk you thru it, no charge.

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