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    $200 1911 damascus folding knife made in Canada from Terry Huang with Ultimate Equipment. He sold the company and they no longer make the damascus knife. The build quality is very good on these knives. He used two pieces of damascus for the body of the knife and one for the blade. He could have made three damascus blades with the steel he used in each knife. I think he made 20 of these. I will sell it with the real ebony grips. Nice wood grain. Grips will fit any standard 1911 pistol. Ivory grips are $250 if you want them. They are real ivory and have a slightly more antique aged look to them than the picture shows. They allso fit any 1911 pistol.
    Box and paperwork included. Terry told me he bought his Damascus steel for the blade and knife body from Alabama Damascus steel and Cuttlery. Go look at the Lacy Smith and Paul Parris customs. They allso sell blanks at good prices. They make a couple diferent kind of damascus steels.

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