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1903 WWI Enfield Bayonet - Unique Markings

Discussion in 'Edged Weapon Classifieds' started by Asavage270, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Asavage270

    Asavage270 eugene Active Member

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    i have a very old bayonet that i believe came from a 1903 Enfield rifle.
    it has a few unique markings that i am unsure of

    on one side of the blade at the base there is a "X" marking that i believe is the mark that is put on the blade when tested at a factory.

    on the base of the handle on the same side are the markings "665" "7-7-5" "623"
    the 775 an 623 have lines scratched through them

    on the reverse side of the bayonet the base of the blade has the fallowing markings
    "11" is the most prominent marking
    below these markings still on the base of the blade there are a few markings that i cannot make out that appear to be words. i can see atleast one letter that is a "V"

    on the tang of the blade that is between the 2 peices of wood that form the handle there are the fallowing markings.

    on the opposite side are the markings


    if anyone has any information on this i am very curious about the markings.
    or if you would like to buy this feel free to make me an offer on this unique piece of history that is well over 100 years old and has likely seen the battlefield!

    maybe trade for .45acp ammo? or nice .270 ammo, or 20 gauge slugs/ buckshot

    shoot me an offer via PM or text/call

    503 569 4089

  2. Mohawk13

    Mohawk13 Home on The Range Active Member

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    The "X' is a British Mark that means it was sold out of Service..ie...retired. Seems like You have an old one that has seen some service. any chance of pictures of the markings?
  3. Asavage270

    Asavage270 eugene Active Member

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    ill try to get some pictures up asap! thanks for the information