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15"MacBook Pro
Late 2012
2.3 i7 chip (fast even today)
16gig RAM
500gig Hard Drive
Fresh install of High Sierra
All port, drives and keys work
Comes with 1 charger
Outside case is 99%
Battery is good

So here is the deal, it's a great computer but my wife doesn't trust it so I need the money to buy a windows platform that is new with a warranty for her while she is in school. It won't be as powerful but it'll be new.

2 days after she started the quarter that is about to end, this thing had a monitor issue. 7 weeks and $350 later and they replaced a board on the motherboard and it's back up and running (it didn't have any handling marks on the case when I gave it to them and now has a couple of very minor blemishes - not dents. Live and learn.).

I'm not interested in trades unless it's grossly in my favor cuz I need the cash for a new one.

I'm asking $600 for it. Only thing I'd add would be a SSD hard drive if you want it to be lightning fast but the 500 gig that's in it isn't slow by any means.

Thanks for looking. I can travel a reasonable distance if your not in the Vancouver area.

IMG_3100.JPG IMG_3101.JPG IMG_3102.JPG
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