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Have an extra barrel I've never gotten around to using.

It is a 14.7-inch lightweight profile barrel with carbine-length (CAR) gas system. It has the barrel nut on there and the front sight base pinned in place. It is new in the sealed bag. The markings on the barrel read 5.56 NATO 1-9 CHROMED.

Got it several years ago from ar15sport.com outside Sherwood and was going to use it for an Air Force GUU-5/P clone/tribute build, but wound up using an M4 barrel. This would also be great for a retro 723 clone.

As the barrel is 14.7-inches all NFA rules apply. It would have to go onto a pistol or NFA weapon as-is. I was planning on having an A1 flash hider pinned and welded onto the barrel to get it over 16-inches.

Price is $150 cash money in Salem. Will ship via USPS Priority Mail on your dime.

There are a couple Remington 700s I'm looking for and would be interested in trading into plus cash from me of course - just looking for good, used "huntin" rifles, nothing fancy, ADL guns in plastic stocks are great.

Stainless Rem 700 in 7mm Rem. Mag.
Stainless Rem 700 in 338 Win. Mag.
Stainless Rem 700 in 30-06
Stainless or blue/black Rem 700 in 270 Win.
Stainless Rem 700 short action (any caliber) with Serial No. Range S65xxxxx

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