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Yeager is a relatively uncommon American surname, most likely a transcription of the common German surname "Jaeger/Jäger" (hunter) done by immigrants in order to have their name misspelled rather than mispronounced, as in Jagger. Notable people with the surname include:
Barbara Yeager (born 1958), American actress and dancer
Biff Yeager, American actor
Bunny Yeager, American photographer and model
Chuck Yeager, American test pilot who was the first person to break the sound barrier
George Yeager (1874–1940), American baseball player
James J. Yeager (c. 1908 – 1971), American football player and coach
Jeana Yeager, American aviator
Joe Yeager (1875–1937), American baseball player
Ken Yeager (born 1952), American politician
Leland Yeager, American economist
Lewis Yeager (1878–1906), American football coach
Mike Yeager, American football coach
Ralph Oscar Yeager (1892–1960), German-American architect
Roy Yeager (born 1949), American musician
Steve Yeager, American major league baseball catcher
Steve Yeager (filmmaker) (born 1948), American film director
William Yeager, best known for his development of the first multiple-protocol router software while working at Stanford University
Fictional characters:
Cade and Tessa Yeager, characters of Transformers: Age of Extinction
Charlotte E. Yeager, character of the anime Strike Witches, based on Chuck Yeager as her ace archetype. Also known as Shirly.
Eren Yeager, character of the manga Attack on Titan
Hiram Yeager, character in the Dirk Pitt adventure novels

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