Based in Munich, BayWa Aktiengesellschaft is a German company which operates in the agriculture, building materials and energy sectors. It provides trading, strategic and other miscellaneous services in these sectors.
The BayWa (Bayerische Warenvermittlung) Group is spread across 14 countries. In Germany and Austria, it operates in all the three core segments of its business and also as a franchisee. The Agriculture segment is further spread via local small scale companies in Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia. With respect to its Renewable Energy Resources business, France and Spain are of vital importance. BayWa R.E (Renewable Energy) GmbH operates in these countries through its subsidiaries Renerco Renewable Energy Concepts AG and MHH Solartechnik GmbH. As part of its expansion plan, BayWa is broadening its DIY, garden centres and building materials franchises in Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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    How I turned the WA AG into a repository for 3D printed gun files...

    A friend pointed out that if somebody sent 3D gun files to the WA AG, that they would become a public record. I can't find any exemption in the law that would allow them to not share these files, so I emailed a file for the 3D printable Liberator file to the WA AG. It is now public record, and...
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