A slide stop, sometimes referred to as a slide lock or slide release, on a semi-automatic handgun is a function that visually indicates when a handgun has expended all loaded ammunition and facilitates faster reloading by pulling back the slide or depressing the slide lock to advance the first round of a new magazine.

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  1. Koda

    Do you even slide stop bro?

    Apparently there is a debate on if you use the slide stop to release the slide or use the overhand method. Which one do you use? https://www.outdoorlife.com/5-things-to-know-about-slide-stops-pistols-most-misunderstood-control/
  2. shoengine

    Mag causes slide stop to raise

    I have a P220 that I got in a lot a few years ago. I pulled it out to clean it, and when I loaded an empty mag in it I noticed that when pulling the slide back, the slide catch would engage. This only happened with the mag inserted. If I removed the mag, the slide catch would not engage. I...
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