The Recognitions is the 1955 debut novel of US author William Gaddis. The novel was initially poorly received by critics. After Gaddis won a National Book Award in 1975 for his second novel, J R, his first work gradually received new and belated recognition as a masterpiece of American literature.In 2005, Time included The Recognitions in its list of "100 Best English-language Novels from 1923 to 2005".

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  1. L

    Oregon  Support Oregon SB503; Oregon mutual recognition of CCWs

    Oregon has SB503 which will give Oregon Florida style mutual or "quid pro quo" recognition. If a State honors Oregon, they will honor the recognizing State regardless of residency. If you have a "we honor all" or a quid pro quo State, you'll be good in Oregon based on the current text of the...
  2. ATCclears

    AI Surveillance Systems Can Work Without Facial Recognition

    How good is your concealment? snippet: Technology companies are creating artificial-intelligence surveillance systems that can scan for weapons or explosives without recording people or analyzing their faces, a boon for businesses concerned about data privacy. Firms including Liberty Defense...
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