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A launch vehicle or carrier rocket is a rocket propelled vehicle used to carry a payload from Earth's surface to space, usually to Earth orbit or beyond. A launch system includes the launch vehicle, launch pad, vehicle assembly and fuelling systems, range safety, and other related infrastructure.Orbital launch vehicles can be grouped based on many different factors, most notably payload mass, although price points are a major concern for some users. Most launch vehicles have been developed by or for national space programs, with considerable national prestige attached to spaceflight accomplishments. Payloads include crewed spacecraft, satellites, robotic spacecraft, scientific probes, landers, rovers, and many more.
Orbital spaceflight is difficult and expensive, with progress limited by the underlying technology as much as human and societal factors.

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  1. kbf64

    Getting Aero Precision Builder sets at launch...

    Any tips on getting these on launch at retail pricing? I don't get an email notification, does anyone else these days? Or is it watching on the daily facebook feed to get a drop for that month?
  2. mrblond

    Space X launch

    if anyone is interested.
  3. GOG

    Any feedback on the Kershaw Launch series of Knives?

    I've had some Kershaws over the years and they've been pretty good knives. I'm looking for an automatic for a spare edc carry and the Launch 1 looks like a good choice. However most reviews are from folks who just repeat the company line and it would be good to get some real feedback. I edc a...
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