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Knight's Armament Company (KAC) is an American firearms and firearms parts manufacturer, best known for producing the Rail Interface System (RIS) and the Rail Adapter System (RAS) grips for firearms use. They currently produce a variety of firearms, specifically AR-15 rifles. One of their best known rifles is the SR-25 semi-automatic designated marksman rifle.
KAC is owned by C. Reed Knight and is based in Titusville, Florida. Knight's Manufacturing Company (KMC) is the division of KAC responsible for products aimed at the civilian market.

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  1. RobMa

    KAC has gone to CRAP?

    I do not know if anyone else has experienced this but it seems to be getting worse. I purchased a rear sight from a reputable company recently, a KAC 300m. When deployed after mounting on rifle and looking at it from the rear it had a severe cant to the left as if the pin that held it was bent...
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