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Justified may refer to:
Justified (album), an album by Justin Timberlake
Justified (TV series), an American television drama series
"Justified" (Maat Kheru in Egyptian), an ancient Egyptian epithet for venerable deceased

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  1. RicInOR

    DGU  Prineville, OR - Man Justified, Shooting, Outside His Home

    Prineville man justified in fatal shooting outside his home <broken link removed>
  2. pdempsey1097

    Homicide Justified, Charges to be dropped

    Grand jury: Homicide justified, murder charge to be dropped I have so many questions. If the Marijuana deal was illegal on both sides, then isn't the homicide committed during such a crime a crime itself? Were the guns used by both sides legally obtained, carried, etc? He graduated 11th grade...
  3. P

    Intruder or Burglar

    I follow a blog that has 'Feel Good Stories' of the day. The stories plucked from the various news feeds throughout the nation regarding citizens defending themselves against the bad guys. Many of the stories involve shootings of intruders where the bad guy ends up dead or wounded. This morning...
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