Intruder, usually referring to someone sneaking into someone else's territory without permission, may refer to:

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  1. RicInOR

    DGU  Salem - Home Intruder

    Nov <broken link removed> See also: back in August Burgler shot and killed by home owner...Salem, Oregon
  2. F

    Portland mom shoots intruder in child's bedroom

    KOIN 6 is covering the above story. I'm amazed a news organization is actually broadcasting anything but negatives about firearms. A close friend of mine who enjoys guns but is a "go to the range twice a year person" asked me a while ago if anyone ever uses their firearm to protect themselves...
  3. P

    Intruder or Burglar

    I follow a blog that has 'Feel Good Stories' of the day. The stories plucked from the various news feeds throughout the nation regarding citizens defending themselves against the bad guys. Many of the stories involve shootings of intruders where the bad guy ends up dead or wounded. This morning...
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