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A hurricane party is a social event held by people in the coastal United States who live in hurricane alley between Maine and Texas and is common in the Southeast. The event is held during a hurricane. However the guests are typically allowed to stay with the host for 3–5 days (weather permitting) and guests, in return, bring hurricane supplies such as radios, first aid supplies, food, etc. The infamous Hurricane Camille Hurricane Party did not occur, but 8 people from the apartments died and the entire building was destroyed.

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  1. CountryGent

    The Sunshine State

    So, we're getting all the ducks in the row for a move/expansion to Arizona. We have plans mapped out. Got a general idea of the phases. And the rest. Yesterday I learned of a position in my field that would not be a good fit, it would be a great fit. It would be a very good career move in...
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