Eastside refers to the city district comprising the easternmost portion of Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The Eastside generally encompasses the area bounded on the west by Midtown Atlanta and Downtown Atlanta and on the east by the city limits. The central corridor of the district is the BeltLine Eastside Trail, which connects northern Eastside neighborhoods with those to the south. The Eastside is known for its nightlife establishments, craftsman architecture, local eateries, and quirky public art.

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  1. MeshCurrents

    New guy from the Eastside

    Hey everyone, Checking in from the suburbs of Seattle. I've shot sporadically throughout my life but just recently decided to get more serious about it and begin carrying a firearm on my person. No man can ever be too prepared to defend himself, his family, or his community so I figured out of...
  2. Knowyourlimits

    Newbie from the Eastside

    Just came across this wonderful site when searching for, what else, gun stuff. I have lived in WA State for nearly 15 years and love most of what she has to offer...the prevailing political climate is not one of them. But I digress. I have wanted to own firearms for most of my life but didn't...
  3. Meat

    FFL transfers: Eastside or Seattle

    I got a couple handguns from Shot Show and am looking for a FFL transfer dealer on the Eastside or Seattle that doesn't cost an arm or a leg. Many of the entries in this link are outdated. Much thanks,
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