CCW is an album by Hugh Cornwell of the new wave group The Stranglers, with Roger Cook and Andy West (CCW: Cornwell, Cook, West). It was issued in 1992.

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  1. Argonaut

    Arrested for threatening with a CCW.

    i am not a sharp enough computer operator to properly link this story (maby some smarter guy can do it for me) but here is an interesting story about unintended consequences of loose talk with and about a (weapon) gun. It seems words can hurt you. It sounds to me like the dog was innocent...
  2. Brutus57

    It just got real...interview coming up in Cali!?!?!!

    Hi All, I have been in the process of looking into a job in Norcal over the past month. Big pay raise and close to my wife's parents who are going down hill fast. Looks like a great job (except it's Cali, right?) and real estate is cheap. I go down in about a week as one of two finalists.o_O So...
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