The 9×25mm Dillon is a pistol wildcat cartridge developed for use in USPSA/IPSC Open guns. The cartridge is made by necking down a 10mm Auto case to 9 mm.

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  1. DirectDrive

    KKM 9x25 Dillon Barrel

    KKM is going to make a run of these if there is enough interest. From my email... We do make 9x25 barrels for Glock 20 and Glock 40, from 4.6” to 7.25”, threaded ($240) or non-threaded ($175). Please provide your NAME and PHONE NUMBER and ITEM CONFIGURATION desired. This information will be...
  2. Glock10MM

    9x25 Dillon

    Is this a worth while conversion to do to my G29? Ballistics look awesome on this caliber
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