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The Mitsubishi 380 is a mid-size family car that was offered between 2005 and 2008 by Mitsubishi Australia. Available only as a sedan, it marked the end of Australian production by the Japanese manufacturer.
The 380, given the model designation DB, was the successor to the Mitsubishi Magna/Verada line of vehicles first introduced in 1985 (and 1991 for the Verada) but was only available as a sedan. The company spent over A$600 million developing and producing the car, which is heavily based on the ninth generation Mitsubishi Galant designed in the United States. The 380 continued the Mitsubishi Australia tradition of producing front-wheel drive sedans for the Australian market, and along with the Toyota Aurion, competed against the rear-wheel drive Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore vehicles.
Even before the car's launch in October 2005, the 380 was stigmatised as the "make or break" model for Mitsubishi Australia. After a slow sales start, the line-up was updated with the Series II in April 2006, with the entry level model receiving price discount of nearly 20 percent. To generate further interest in the car, a Series III revision came on 29 July 2007 with mainly cosmetic changes. These updates failed to lift sales, and with production still unprofitable, Mitsubishi ceased manufacturing of the 380 in March 2008.

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