17 (seventeen) is the natural number following 16 and preceding 18. It is a prime number.
Seventeen is the sum of the first four prime numbers.

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  1. Kimber Custom

    First & Second Shots Pistol courses on the 17th

    I'll be offering my First Shots Pistol course Sat the 17th at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. Cost is $89 and includes ammunition for a fundamental pistol class. Grip, stance, sights, trigger control and pistol manipulations. Registration here...
  2. The Heretic

    Tax filing deadline for 2021 delayed until May 17th

  3. Ghoul

    Wheeler speaks about Antifa 17th protests.

    I don't like fox news but this is a great interview with wheeler, it shows what a treasonous snake this guy is. Wasting all the good peoples taxes time and resources to support Antifas childish tantrums of terrorism. He's such a Judas. Watch this fool make a freudian slip around 5:04, priceless.
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