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  • Charge for ID copies for transfers
I've been going in here for years. Low cost for firearm transfers, but they will charge you to make copies of you license, so bring a copy or be ready for the service fee.
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  • I can stay out of Pooptown
  • Decent price for a transfer $25
  • They are a pawn shop, so the costumers aren't the best people
  • The $2 color copy of sellers ID
  • Holding your hand to get prints
  • They know me
Great place to meet Portlanders so i can stay away from bumtown, staff are great, always friendly, always happy to see me and remember my name(rare nowadays).
I don't pawn so i wouldn't know about that, prices are meh, some deals from time to time, i always ask for a lower price, its a pawn shop.
They hold your hand to get your prints which is odd in today's world, and the infamous $2 color copy of the sellers ID, only place that i have come across that does this... Just to make $2 bucks, whatever, I pay it and give them crap the entire time. They know me. :cool:
See ya there!
I met a fellow NWFA member there to buy his gun. The owner (male) didn't seem put out by doing the transfer but seemed that his time was better spent selling (understandably). He even joked about the process being slow so we could look around to buy something.

they are easy to find and just minutes off I-5.

The transfer & background check was only $25 total so that was a good deal. Big deal if he charged $2 for color copies. Ink for copiers is expensive. This was my first transfer and I felt very good about the service.
I'm shocked to see good reviews here. I completed a transfer to Fire Demon here over the weekend and had never been treated worse at an FFL. I made every effort to be patient only because I suggested the place to meet up and I knew he drove an hour to meet me there. Otherwise, I would've walked out after the first smart bubblegum comment from the chubby blonde lady, who I presume is one of the owners. If your business doesn't offer services that every other FFL does, you shouldn't be extremely rude when explaining your "policies". $2 for a copy of your license is ridiculous. So is not accepting credit/debit cards. Even FFL's working out of their homes accept cards.

Once Fire Demon and I were finished, we had a 5-min discussion outside about the very poor service we received. I've had much better service at the DMV and I'm not even joking. I will definitely not be back. Too bad since the younger tall/skinny guy was very friendly. A Cut Above Pawn is a much better place to transfer a firearm. Excellent service and very friendly people working there.
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Have used them for a number of transfers. Process is easy as pie, staff is knowledgable and friendly. They also have a decent selection of guns to browse. Bring your own gun lock - their policy is all guns leaving tge store gotta have a lock. They'll sell you one if you don't have one. Bring a color copy of your ID or its another $2. But $25 for a transfer is a decent deal. If you gotta comply with stupid UBC laws, having a dealer that doesn't rape your wallet just because they can is great. I will no doubt do business with them again.
I've done several transfers there. Never an issue. The only thing I don't like is they have a policy that they take your thumb prints for you. Otherwise good service, $25 transfers and knowledgeable staff. I will continue to do business there.
I've done four transactions with Tigard Pawn 4 More. Two as a seller and two as a buyer. They are friendly and their service is fast. My most recent transaction was for a pistol I purchased from GunBroker. After I won the auction, I called their shop and gave them the seller information. They quickly sent a copy of their FFL to the seller. Today I completed the transfer. The post office sent me a text message that the pistol had arrived. Within 1/2 hour I received a call from Tigard Pawn 4 More letting me know it was ready for pickup. They didn't open the box until I arrived. Their fee is a total of $25 for both the transfer and background check. Great place to do your transfers!


  • Adaptive Firing Solutions
    5.00 star(s)
    Steve is a great guy to work with! I have had several transactions with him and will continue to do business with him. He is my go to dealer!
    • hker71
  • Straight Shooter Supply
    1.00 star(s)
    A relative of mine recently went through this place to purchase a handgun. They were rude to her, lied to her, and must be new to this FFL stuff...
    • FullMetalJerk
  • Adaptive Firing Solutions
    5.00 star(s)
    Steve is great. Easy to deal with, super low prices on his transfers.
    • DizzyJ
  • Adaptive Firing Solutions
    5.00 star(s)
    Had my first transaction with Steve and will be recommending him to anyone in my circle. Good guy with a really helpful attitude and goes the...
    • SonnyJim
  • Supporting Vendor Oregon Arms & Ammunition
    5.00 star(s)
    This is the closest gun close to my house and they have always been super nice. I have bought two guns off them and sold one of mine to them.
    • storminnorm44