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Overall rating
4.06 star(s) 33 ratings
  • Large selection
  • Tons of workers that don’t help buyers
I used to go in often, even when the store is empty its hard to get someone to help, they say just a sec and never come back to you, or are having a conversation between another worker instead of helping customers,
The deals they email about are often gone a day or two later... and they want to sell you something else instead.
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I get the same treatment. Generally not worth going in there anymore.
Lots of knowledgeable staff with an always changing lineup of toys, both new and used. I have made many purchases here. Always fun to see what they have in stock.
  • Good selection of used rifles
  • Poor customer service
This used to be one of my favorite shops to visit. I'd go in and chit chat with Kelly and he knew me by name as well. This shop was great back in the 90's, but so much has changed. They used to have one heck of a good reloading selection and was my favorite place to buy brass. I remember buying tons (or so it seemed) of nickel plated brass for my 300wby and 338wm and 300wm rifles. If I needed it, it seemed like Northwest armory had it and it was always fun to look around the store. However, times have changed. I'll stand there waiting for someone to help me and it seems like they are all too busy, or don't have the time. One time I stood there for 15+ minutes just waiting to pay for some ammo. There was no one in front of me and I was at the counter, and no one had the time to take my money. I ended up leaving my ammo on the counter with a very bad taste in my mouth. Trust me, if you go there, you'll see what I'm talking about. It's just not the fine store it used to be. Sorry, but truth is truth..
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Have had several great experiences at NWA. Would recommend. as you stated they treat you good, they are busy but when slow. Awesome service. Had some issues with one of my purchases and they made it right.
  • Selection and Customer Service
  • Crowded, sometimes pricey
It’s nice to go into a gun shop that has a collection of historical firearms on display.
If you want a Sig Sauer, I recommend you look at their display of pistols for sale as I have not found a better selection anywhere.
This is the store I bought my first firearm at, and their customer service was great and accommodated my fondling eyes.
They once even accommodated me when I accidentally stumbled in after close, you won’t find that other places.
Visit their website and see what they have to offer!
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I've bought 3 guns from them so far, and most likely will buy more in the future... :) their customer service really is phenomenal, and in me experience their prices are pretty spot on for new guns, and really good for used guns. I bought a new Ruger Mark III, and of course, the first time I took it apart, got it back together wrong. After a few hours of banging my head against the wall trying to get it back together, I sheepishly brought it back to NWA to see if they could fix it, and hopefully not charge too much for it (I was willing to pay for a repair since as far as I could tell it was my mistake, not a defect)... Waited a few mins for the resident "ruger pistol expert" to finish with another customer, then a couple of solid hits, some minor grumbling, and prying later, he got it apart and showed me what I'd done wrong..... And how to hold the Mark III in exactly the right position, aligned with the correct planet, and how to hold your tongue and cross your toes just right to get it back together correctly... :D
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  • People in there store are friendly, knowledgable and very helpful.
  • None
One of my favorite shops to stop into.
  • great selection
  • poor customer service
I used to love this shop but the customer service has gone to the dogs lately. the last 2 times I have been there I called for an item before I came from Beaverton and got there to find it was either the wrong item I called about or nobody checked the stock before telling me to come out. thank God Curts always has a backup for me.
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I just wanted to take the time to complement NWA. I was out there yesterday and the place was packed. However, there were lots of friendly sales people there and I never had to wait for service when I had a question or wanted to look at an item. They were not pushy or arrogant, just polite and helpful.

The last few times I've been in there, I've noticed the prices are much more competitive than in the past. Prices on both new and used guns, ammo and accessories were as good or better than any shop in the city of Portland.

With great prices and great service, I would rate my experience yesterday 5 stars out of 5! I couldn't ask for anything more.

Great Job NWA!

Thank you.
I will share my NW Armory experience only because I spent years in sales and customer service. I see a lot of stores lately that train product knowledge but do NOT train to listen to customers.

I drove from Rainier, OR to NW Armory because I wanted to see (and purchase) the Walther PPQ in .40cal. When I got to the store all the reps were busy, so I case shopped for a few minutes. When a rep met me, he asked what I was looking for, I said the PPQ. So he took me to them and opened the case and pulled out a 9mm. As I was admiring the gun, he decided to tell me about why a Glock is better and that's why he carries a Glock. I told him I had a Glock in the past and didn't like the ergos. So he tells me the GEN4 has changed all that and I should come over and check them out. I said no thanks. He spent the next 30 minutes showing me features of PPQ and telling how the Glock was superior. I finally got frustrated and left there gunless. I went to Clatskanie and told them what I wanted they said "That's an awesome gun!" I bought it there!
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I bought a KelTec PF9 there and some 9mm ammo and shotgun ammo and I was happy with the price on all of it. Whenever I come in, and just want to take a look at the guns I am dreaming about, I get the same level of assistance then as when I was purchasing. I may not buy my next new gun there (depends on if it is in stock and how bad I need it), but it will be the first place I look.
I've shopped here a few times and purchased from them at gun shows. The employees I've dealt with have always been pretty helpful and down to earth. I've been in on really busy days but Karl seemed to go out of his way to get me some help, even though he admitted I might have to wait because he didn't know enough about the parts I was asking about. I'll definitely shop here again. If I had to give any criticism about the shop it would be in organization. I don't know if it's because things are constantly being loaded out for gun shows or something but the place often seems cluttered to me (especially the spaces behind the counters). If I could easily find want I want to look at, I wouldn't need the attention you could be spending on other customers on those busy days. Thanks!
They have always been very respectful and helpful when, I needed help. I buy all my ammo and accessories from them.....
I must have been there the few times I have on the wrong day. of three visits, one day for red dot scopes, high medium dollar range. very helpfull and polite. on the way out i asked if they were ordering anymore noveske fitted black hats because they didnt have my size. they said, im not sure when, but when we order from noveske we will get some, cool. walked out with $300 in mags and ammo.

Next two times, same guy, younger skinnier kid. A waste of a employee. bichhing about how other employees werent doing there job, mad that labels were not on the item a certain way, pissed at the world. I asked If I could see the new noveske upper/lower combo that just came out, "yea, just wait a minute." so he continues on sorting items in the case next to the one with the item I wanted to look at and buy. then he walks off. a few minutes go by, i walk around the corner and his is crying to someone about the same crap. so I politely said, can I see that upper and lower? He says, "when Im done with what Im doing I will be over there with a pizzy voice. the other salesman was with a customer and could not help. another 5 or so minutes, i walk back to him and say, who can show me this item over here, he huffs and puffs and goes over to it and before he grabs it, he says, these are pretty expensive, so are you going to buy it or just look at it. I wanted to choke the punk out over the counter, but that would have led to guns being pulled and then I would feel guilty later on just because of some spoiled, brat, punk was being a d-bag. so instead I said, expensive, Well I better just buy a fitted hat and pulled out my money clip with about 1200 in $100's on the counter and he said, we dont have that size. so i say, can you order anymore hats, because I know you have ordered from noveske since the last time i was here, i will pay for it now, if you can. he says, i dont order stuff from vendors and walked away. hmmm, so i left a bit mad.
Third time, went in going to buy a used Xd-45 and a dahhhmm hat. this was over a month later. same amount of same hats as last time, and who comes over to help. phhhugg me, same kid, or i will be civil and call him guy, I say, are you ever going to order any of these hats, he says you need to talk to such and such and he will write it down. im thinking, what, what ever, so I asked if they had a xd45. no they didnt, but I wanted to go see what else they had and said I would like to look at something else over at the used gun area, he says, someone over there can help you. that was it, im gone. And I still want my dam hat
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I've shopped for ammo (9mm at ~$10/50 and some .32ACP) and accessories (targets, ear/eye protection, cleaning kits) at NW Armory in Milwaukie 5 times now and everytime has been a great experience. I plan to trade a pistol of mine and also purchase a Springfield XD9 Service (Essentials package) for $399 (on sale) in the next month or two. I'm positive I'll have the professional help I request with NW Armory employees - that's how it's always been.

The quality staff and presentable store make for a great experience - I recommend NW Armory to all my shooting friends.
Decent prices in general, very good selection, friendly folks even when there was a crush of people. I go here when I'm less patient, and my quieter walking-distance LGS is out of stock.

I picked up my current CCW (M&P .40) there, and they had the lowest price in town at the time on my wife's Sigma.
I just wanted to give props to NW Armory for my experience there today! I went in to buy either a Ruger LCP or a Ruger Mark III. I wasn't sure when I walked in, but I ended up getting the LCP this time. My first helper was named Dan who was friendly, polite, and patient as I handled all the firearms I was interested in.

I then browsed around the store a bit. When I settled on the LCP, I was assisted by Dale who was also extremely helpful, friendly, and polite. I have never experienced the level of customer service in a gun store in the Portland area as I did today at NW Armory. I wasn't treated like a non-person, I didn't get any kind of attitude for asking questions, and everyone there today seemed like they were totally willing to go out of their way to help! Who would have thought? ACTUAL customer service!

I made up my mind today that I'm going back there to buy my Ruger Mark III when I'm ready, even if another store has it cheaper. Major hats off to you guys!
I wasted a good half hour or more of a gentlemans time there lately (Unfortunately drawing a blank on the name), he was totally helpful and had no problem dragging through their magazines and online providers to cross reference specs that I was unsure of on about a dozen rifles. That was before he knew I was a cash in hand buyer!
Everywhere else I stopped seemed to give me all the answers I didn't like about the particular coyote rifle/s I was interested in, including them pretending there was some difficulty in ordering.
He didn't care about having to order it for me, it's far from a rare gun so I don't know what the deal with a couple other shops was. $200 down, it was there in 5ish days, paid the balance and have a coyote rifle I'm very happy with!
I've been in there twice in the last couple weeks looking at a low buck .38 snub. I've asked too many questions, some of them very dumb.... but they have been more than helpful with answers and recommendations without trying to up-sale me to something I can't afford. They will be getting a lil over $300 of my money on the 15th for a new .38 Taurus, ammo, and IWB holster. If you haven't been there, go check 'em out. They don't have the selection of Keith's, but you don't get the fast food attitude either. I'll be a customer for a long time!
Purchased every gun I have (with the exception of my trap gun) from these guys. Karl and the gang are top notch. Sometimes when they're busy, it's hard to get their attention but they're usually nice enough to let me know that they'll be right with me. Noah is a wealth of knowledge, Dennis gets straight to the point and Karl will cut you one **** of a deal if you get him in the right mood :) I got my LMT, LCR, XDM, 22/45 and 15/22 from them. Unlike nearly every vendor on gunbroker.com, they don't charge you a credit card processing fee.


  • Adaptive Firing Solutions
    5.00 star(s)
    Steve is great. Easy to deal with, super low prices on his transfers.
    • DizzyJ
  • Adaptive Firing Solutions
    5.00 star(s)
    Had my first transaction with Steve and will be recommending him to anyone in my circle. Good guy with a really helpful attitude and goes the...
    • SonnyJim
  • Supporting Vendor Oregon Arms & Ammunition
    5.00 star(s)
    This is the closest gun close to my house and they have always been super nice. I have bought two guns off them and sold one of mine to them.
    • storminnorm44
  • Supporting Vendor Oregon Arms & Ammunition
    5.00 star(s)
    Went in to pick up some parts for an AR style 10/22 and to start my journey into building an AR by picking up a lower. Staff was super helpful and...
    • Hueco
  • Tri-County Gun Club
    5.00 star(s)
    I've been a member for 6 years, been shooting there (as a guest) for three years before that. I found the Ladies League and was hooked. It's the...
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